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Doug LaLone speaks with The Anti-Architect Podcast

Christian Giordano invites Fishman Stewart attorney, Doug LaLone, to a conversation on The Anti-Architect Podcast. Driven by a quest for learning with 25+ years of experience, Christian – The “Anti-Architect” – is reimagining the building industry with a progressive approach as president and co-owner of Mancini Duffy, an NYC-based architecture and design firm, which Fishman Stewart proudly represents. The podcast seeks to to improve the industry by taking a critical look at how architects work with their clients and, in turn, how clients view architects. Christian’s aim to bring his audience new voices from the industry, interesting people with diverse backgrounds. Through shared experiences, stories, and projects his hope is that we can improve the profession.

Doug shares his perspective as an intellectual property attorney, and highlights the value, protection, and enforcement prospects of an architect’s portfolio. Together, Doug and Christian identify architectural assets and the solutions to common legal quandaries architects may face.