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Fishman Stewart Offers Webinar Discussion about “A Roadmap to Operational Excellence and Innovation Excellence”

A Roadmap to Operational Excellence and Innovation ExcellenceOperational Excellence

Live Panel Webinar – Tuesday, October 6 at 1:30 PM EST


“Operational excellence secures the present. Innovation excellence secures the future.” –Roger Milliken


Hear from manufacturing industry leaders who have spent their careers promoting the importance of operational excellence and innovation excellence.  Has your company boldly embraced change to accelerate business growth and innovation?  Learn what smart companies are doing to deploy both lean manufacturing and human-centered design processes as a strategy for economic growth.

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Discussion Topics:

          • Learn about the 10 steps for operational excellence and identify the current gaps in your company’s operational system.
          • Discover a proven process for innovation excellence and how it can help your organization answer “what’s next.”
          • As “reshoring” accelerates, what steps should your company be taking to regain our manufacturing stronghold?


Join the discussion with:

Allan H. Rae, CEO & President, Allan Rae & Associates
Allan has over 45+ years of world-wide automotive executive experience. Allan has worked with top industry leaders such as Dr. Edward Deming, Lee Iacocca, Bob Lutz, Bernie Marcus (founder of Home Depot), Host Scholze (founder & CEO Ritz Carlton), Jim McCaslin (past President of Harley Davidson), Richard Dauch (founder AAM). Allan will speak about the top ten steps of operational excellence every leader must implement if they want to lead their company into the future and be best in class.

Robert Niemiec, Managing Partner, Twisthink
Robert is one of the leaders who created Twisthink in 2001 as an experiment to test the belief in the value of twisting together the skills of design, technology and strategy for the purpose of innovation. Robert has 35+ years of experience building high functioning, diverse teams that achieve success and deliver results. Prior to Twisthink, Robert worked at Johnson Controls where he served as general manager and vice president of sales.

Douglas P. LaLone, Esq., Partner, Fishman Stewart
Doug is an engineer and intellectual property attorney with over 29 years of experience in identifying, securing, and advancing the creative innovations of his clients. His intellectual property practice helps VC, PE, portfolio companies, and a variety of manufacturing enterprises leverage their intangible assets to increase business value.