Fishman Stewart Ranked Among the Top 100 Patent Firms in the United States

Bloomfield Hills, MI, United States -- Thursday, April 28, 2016 -- Fishman Stewart PLLC was recently ranked among the Top 100 Patent Firms in the United States based on an objective measurement of the firm’s performance in front of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Juristat. Juristat based its analysis of over 7 million patent applications on a weighted average of the following four … [Read more...]

Fatal Addiction

By: Thomas A. Hallin It’s hardly a secret that billing issues, which span every legal matter, will get a lawyer sideways with grievance authorities, both state and federal, quicker than virtually all other areas of practice.  It is conservatively estimated that at least 25% of the grievances filed with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission are fee related; put another way, at least 718 … [Read more...]

Fishman Stewart Listed Among The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals

Fishman Stewart was recently recognized by the World Trademark Review (WTR) and listed as a WTR 100 trademark law firm. In addition to receiving firm-wide rankings, Michael D. Fishman was recognized as a “leading practitioner” for his trademark legal practice. Based on more than 70 key markets globally, the WTR 1000 highlights what it considers to be the top law firms and attorneys in the … [Read more...]

Another Favorable Outcome for Our Client, Stahls

This article originally appeared on March, 24, 2016 Stahls’ Reaches Settlement Over Patents on Heat Press Equipment Sterling Heights-based Stahls’, a manufacturer of garment decoration equipment including jerseys for professional, college, and high school sports leagues, among other organizations, has successfully defended its intellectual property rights by reaching a settlement … [Read more...]

Roles Reversed

By: Thomas A. Hallin You’re an experienced trial attorney, having represented clients in a number of patent cases in Federal Court throughout the country.  Granted, you are not a registered patent attorney, but you can and have litigated circles around the “patent geeks”; in fact, you immediately point this fact out to a prospective client. Until the AIA came into play, general litigators … [Read more...]

When “Exceptional” Doesn’t Mean Exceptional

By: Thomas A. Hallin If a patent attorney were to tell a general practitioner without much knowledge of patent litigation practice that a judge found his case to be “exceptional”, the general practitioner, mistakenly believing this to be a good thing, may offer his congratulations.  Yet in the twisted world of patent litigation, all is not what it would appear to be, and “exceptional” does not … [Read more...]

How Far Does The “Duty to Supervise” Disciplinary Net Extend?

By: Thomas A. Hallin Disciplinary agencies, such as Michigan’s Attorney Grievance Commission and the Office of Enrollment and Discipline (OED), the disciplinary branch of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), consider an attorney’s duty to supervise in determining whether or not to hand down discipline.  Very few attorneys would argue the fact that such a duty exists with respect to … [Read more...]

Fishman Stewart PLLC Celebrates its 20-Year Anniversary

Fishman Stewart PLLC was founded in 1996 as Rader, Fishman & Grauer PLLC. Michael Fishman and Michael Stewart are founding members of the original IP Firm.  We are proud to celebrate 20 years of providing excellent intellectual property law services. It has been a privilege to work with and serve our clients for the past 20 years! Fishman Stewart PLLC is a full-service intellectual property … [Read more...]

Michael Fluhler and Paul Ratzmann to Speak at ICLE Intellectual Property for Health Care Lawyers Seminar

Fishman Stewart Partners Paul R. Ratzmann and Michael T. Fluhler will serve as speakers at the Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) Intellectual Property for Health Care Lawyers Seminar. The topic of discussion is: Identify and Protect Your Health Care Clients' IP. The Intellectual Property for Health Care Lawyers Seminar will be held at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI on … [Read more...]

Michael Stewart Comments on Starting Salary Among IP Law Firms in Crain’s Detroit Business article

This article was originally published in Crain's Detriot Business on February 19, 2016. See Crain's article:  It's still not a shabby first paycheck, when you're 26 ...   … [Read more...]